Drywall Repairs

Retain the cosmetic and structural integrity of your home.

Walker Painting Company can help bring your damaged drywalls back to both their functional and aesthetic state! Whether for your home or for commercial establishments, we are the team to call when you’re looking for dependable Brevard drywall repair and painting services.

Drywall Repairs

Have damaged drywalls fixed by professionals before they become serious problems, including the following:

  • Collapse of walls due to compromised structural integrity
  • Exposure of electrical wires, which can be dangerous to everyone and
  • Potential health issues due to toxic molds and musty smell.

Walker Painting ensures that your drywall is installed properly and well-primed for painting later on.

Residential Painting Services

Preparing the drywall for painting is an arduous process that can overwhelm any DIYer. When prepared professionally, you ensure that the drywall is sealed properly to avoid blotches and patches after the painting process, eliminating the possibility of redoing the drywall installation and of wasting valuable time, money, and energy. So when it comes to drywall repair in Brevard County, don’t hesitate to contact the experts!

Commercial Painting Services

Aside from weakened structural integrity and health hazards, damaged drywall can also be unsightly and can hurt your image as a business. Hire us today to professionally rectify the damages on your drywall or install a new one. Our dedicated team can also properly prime your drywall if you want to have it painted to suit your brand image.

Why choose Walker Painting Company?
We’re your one-stop source of drywall repairs and repainting in Brevard County. Here are more reasons to choose us:

  • Walker Painting is a fully insured and fair employer
  • High-quality standards and workmanship
  • Personalized services at competitive rates
  • Great customer satisfaction
  • Dedicated to meeting and exceeding expectations

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